On Earth, there are 3 ways for a Karistus to fly:
1- “au naturel”/no changes made, as on clip at 4:50
2- surrounded by “energy field”, which allows to fly higher if needed or wanted and it also protects against jerks, as on footage at 4:30
3- with “speed armour”, which allows to fly MUCH faster (not so high). In order to get extra speed, one, from time to time, must land for a brief second (or longer if you wish) to get impulsion (like putting on a higher gear on a moving car when needed), as on footage at 3:36 and at 3:52.

Then there’s also the issue of getting wings on you when you do not have them everyday on you. But that’s another more complex story.
A story which will be SHOWN to you one day, at the right time, if you hang around long enough…