When I say this war is being fought at “all levels”…i mean it.
There are many things i cannot talk to you about. Even if you ask me to.
First because i cannot, second because you would not understand the reasons why (why certain things have to be done the way they are)..or how.
And third because of safety.
“This” is much more complex than you think. With many people involved…at all levels.
Many things, no matter how logic they are to “us”, are hard for most to understand and accept.
They mess with people’s values and all the other things you grew up learning in school and at home…and accepting as truth and reality.
Fighting mis-information, counter-information, death (assassinations), torture, kidnappings, psychological warfare, mind-bending manipulation, wrongful (forced) hybridization and much, much, much more…have been part of my daily life since i turned 13.
People ask me everyday: “Tell us more…we are ready”.
I am sure many of you are ready to hear it. To learn about it.
But are you ready to accept it ? Or even just to understand it ?
The layers of confrontation in this war are, at this time, almost endless.
The complexity of each layer is mind boggling.
And most of the people (and what not) involved in those layers come and go like water rapidly flowing under a bridge.
That is why i publish the Prophecy’s “You have no idea what is going on…” clip so often.
It is not to make the videos feel “mysterious”.
Read the following article with a grain of salt.
There is also a lot of truth in it…if put into the REAL context.
By now I have shown you enough for you to understand the basics of this war. Think about everything you are reading while you are reading…and after.
Azazael 8867.100


FROM DS AHK: “BFF chapters 16 and 17 were put on “the shelf” for a undetermined amount of time. Maybe they will be published in the future or maybe not. This will come next…(subject to be disclosed)

There is serious trouble happening today in paradise. Specially on the one above…(but not only). Be safe. Cheers.”